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VSCP bernii/gauge.js gauge power meter demo

This demo uses the gauge from bernii/gauge.js to display measurements collected from a smart energy meter from Ellevio mounted in our house/office. The meter and the interface to it is described here. A VSCP level II driver vscpl2drv-energy-p1 is used to connect to the meter.

It displays readings every ten seconds as

Events you can expect to see related to this demo have GUID's listed [here](https://github.com/grodansparadis/vscp/wiki/pi6) and is described in [this file](https://github.com/grodansparadis/vscpl2drv-energy-p1/blob/main/resources/linux/energyp1.json).

Docs for the bernii gauge is here and here

The websocket connection used here is a secure TLS connection to the VSCP MQTT demo server. You can freely test this server for VSCP related experiments. It gets real time live events published from my (akhe) office and home. See the link for information of events published.

Source for the demo is available here

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Update frequency is about 10 seconds so be patient.

Smart power meter demo




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